Massey Summer BBQ

Time for the Summer BBQ for the Massey crew!  We've been gathering summer and winter since Massey shut their doors in 1988.  I've been continually amazed by this group.  Often there are people we meet for the first time, who retired before my better half started working with Massey. Widows of fellas who were in the Test Track crew but have passed, continue to join us.

This year, there was a private unveiling of a special print that was created by a local watercolour artist has created a print, with a central feature of the Massey plant in Brantford, surrounded by a collection of the models manufactured at that plant.

Visiting again was Craig Sitter, who runs the private "Sitter Massey Memories Museum" in Hagersville (see highlights here:

What a blessing to be able to gather with this amazing group!

And there was a terrific print available of this elusive combine - a Massey Ferguson 860, in black! How fun is that!