How to spend your 32nd wedding anniversary

How to spend your 32nd anniversary ... 
- Spend the morning doing more purging madly while the packers are packing and the loaders are loading. 
- Panic upon hearing dishes clattering that are getting packed. Panic some more watching the boxes loaded. 
- Miss lunch (or snacks or anything) because you parked at the back to be out of the way of the trucks, only to have all egress blocked by said trucks. 
- Finally manage to escape to get to the appointment for the final inspection (still fabulous!). 
- Dine at 'The Little Beaver' (no candles but lots of characters!). 
- Return to now-empty house to find the bits and pieces the packers missed. Like one of the knobs from my long-arm machine. 
- TRASH the blasted washer that has been working in fits and spurts for years and refuses to drain, accompanied by a glorious sunset. 
The dastardly washer that never drains.
Takes 2 hours to do a cycle (when it doesn't get stuck).
Stops 2 minutes in just for fun - unlocks, waits for you to notice.
Takes 30 minutes to do the last 3 minutes.
HaHa.  Take that!! And that!!
And a glorious sunset for ambiance (it was a beautiful pinky purple sky).
Happy happy happy!
- Retire to MIL's for libations, setting up wireless and email. 
- Just about does it - all that matters is that you're doing this together :)


  1. Quite the anniversary. We just celebrated 25 years in June. What did we do? Ahh not much. Just being together - and being happy together - is what counts.

    Happy Anniversary


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