Today my quilting frame and my first quilting machine left my quilting studio for their new home.

I'm so very happy that my friend and quilting buddy wanted to take this sweet little package.  The impetus is of course our move - purging, organizing, donating, rehoming.  Found what I am hoping is a win-win for me and my quilting buddy - she's been making tops by the dozens.  I get to rehome my first machine and existing frame.

I'm replacing this frame with the newer model, which has a little sturdier rollers.  I had a LQS order in just the replacement rollers, have been waiting and waiting and the company has not shipped them.

This also gets around possible issues of the assembled frame not able to navigate the stairs in the new house - it will work fine to bring the box of parts in and assemble it in place.  New red snappers ordered and have arrived! - love them!  The new frame has arrived and I can pick it up after we've moved.  Just the leaders yet to come in.

And the frame went into my quilting buddy's home without issue - hurrah!

Happy that my first machine has a new home, happy that it will be at a wonderful home and well loved. Sad that I'm without a frame likely for a month or more.  And I have no idea whether the wiring and other hookups for the QBot I'm keeping and the Quilters Cruise Control that I got with my first machine, all now have the right parts to keep working :/

On a different note, I had a very strange experience getting groceries this week - did you know that you can buy ONE box of kleenex??  Apparently this is true! Who knew!  I'm trying so hard not to buy stuff I'm just going to have to move in a couple weeks.