55 - no limits

I was happy to turn 51 - no more was I 50!  55 is interesting too.  Yesterday, my last day being 54, I filled out a survey at the grocery store - they were promoting fresh fruit and vegetables, offering coupons, recipes, reusable bags.  One of the questions - the usual - what is your age group?  Yesterday,  I was *not* in the last category (55+). Not quite sure whether I should be happy or sad.

Today was filled with joy.  Sunday brunch is a bit of a tradition with us - I love it - making a huge fruit salad, bacon, sausage, peameal bacon, overflowing stacks of buttermilk pancakes with specialty jams and real, local maple syrup.  With parents, mom-in-law, kids and kids significant others, a delightful visit.

Picked a few lovelies from my gardens for the table - lily, coral bells and hydrangea - gorgeous!

My pride and joy :)

Adding another charming fella - one significant other

With my hero, best friend and DH; also the cat Tweakers

The Fam

Also a wee bit of quiltiness - this is a wedding quilt for friends of my middlest.  I've called it "It's not easy being green".  Randomly sized green and cream blocks, surrounded by a film strip border.  Freehand quilting in the border, "Celtic Hearts" digital design border-to-border.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. I remember the 50's - their okay....and the 60's aren't bad either!

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