Batch of Comfort Quilts

One of the main projects of our guild is to provide 'Comfort Quilts'.  They go wherever needed - with EMT's for children experiencing trauma, when a family has lost everything to fire or flood, children diagnosed with life-threatening illness, some have gone to far northern birthing centres for first nations residents, you get the idea.

There are work groups every other Monday.  I do still work full time - and also farm - so I just can't do the work groups. But I can take the tops and quilt them up :)  Someone else does the binding.  It's wonderful - many hands involved - one who donates the fabrics, one who selects the fabrics for this quilt, one to cut, one to piece, one to quilt, one to bind.  Can't you just feel the love pouring out from them??

And my BFF who also quilts, loves making tops but doesn't like quilting them, so she rolls them on a tube and sends me batches to quilt - these also go to the comfort quilts.

Here are the ones ready to go  ...
This one is by my BFF - black & white & red with decks of cards.  White background.  Connecting Threads Essential Pro thread, warm & white batting.  CC's and swirls with piano key border.

"FarmAll" theme!  U-turn in the dark, crescents in the FarmAll fabric, CC's in the small squares.  Brick-colour fleece backing.  Metro thread, unknown batting! (batting provided by the guild - often pieced to fit - works great!)

Sweet squares - meandering spiky feathers.  Metro thread, unknown batting.  Backing is too busy to see any quilting (same as the border.

Strippy quilt - Wavy line in the pieced strips, swirls and braids and leaves alternate in the solid fabric strips.  Feathered border.  Metro thread, unknown batting, screaming fleece background that matches nothing but is soft & happy!