Advent(ure) Christmas

What a surprise arrived today!

My middlest has a very amazing cross-country friend.  She and her parents arranged for a package for us that arrived in the mail today.  Who doesn't love packages in the mail!

This one arrive with lots or protective packing!  Packs of air, bubble wrap, packing puffs.

And under all that protection - a never-ending supply of packages.  And there are numbers on each of the packages.

And a wonderful card - we have received an Advent Calendar.  I've never had one before!!  Every day we get to enjoy the Christmas spirit and open another treasure.  Of authentic German gifts from a wonderful couple - we sure hope we get to meet them one day :)
Aren't they pretty!  There's also a package in there for our middlest.

This is a 'Smoking Mannikin' - with an assortment of scented smokers.

#1 - Will have to have family here to share these!

#2 - Isn't this the sweetest!  A teensy tin, holds perfectly teeny red Christmas candles.

#3 - More to share! Traditional German baking in a beautiful oval tin.

#4 - Chocolate.  Pralines.  Who could want anything more!

#5 - a perfectly delightful holiday table runner

And now we're caught up - tomorrow we have another adventure :)

What a delightful, thoughtful, totally unexpected gift.  Talk about making our day - we'll get to smile every day!


  1. What a thoughtful gift! So much fun too. Your daughter has wonderful friends, which means she is likely the same!!!

  2. I'm amazed!! And you are right, she is :)


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