Timing - Maintenance on the Grand Quilter

I was having issues with my Pfaff  Grand Quilter 18.8 - making a terrible racket after I put in a new needle.  Put the new needle out and in a couple of times but still made this horrid noise.  I knew I had  hit a ruler in the last pass, altho the machine did seem ok to finish the quilt. 

Pulled the cover plate off, manually turned the hand wheel to see how things were moving - and the hook was pushing the needle as it was going by.  EEEK!  

The Pfaff 'manual' really bites - terrible pictures, photos out of order (photo 31 is at the beginning of the section, before photo 28).  The whole section is really awful and I couldn't make head nor tail of what I needed to do.

Like washing machines, fridges etc, lots of brands are actually only made by one manufacturer - my Pfaff Grand Quilter 18.8 is the same as a Viking and a Husqvarna and the Tin Lizzie.

I *DID* find a really good YouTube video of technicians working on a TinLizzy - 2 parts:
 part 1
 part 2

OK - now this makes sense :)  Went back to my machine, tested how things should be meshing, repositioned the needle, moved the hook a smidge, and it's good to go.  YAY! 

And happily can report that it's sewing away on 2 more comfort quilts - I load 2 at a time on wide backing.  Whew!


  1. Thank goodness for the Internet! I agree, instruction manuals must be written by people who do not understand or speak English well enough to write a letter to someone, let alone an instruction book.


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