Ribbon Candy Success

I'm *such* a newbie.  I've been trying to draw nicely shaped ribbon candy for months and months.  Literally.  
It just wouldn't flow nicely.

I had a Comfort Quilt arrive that looked PERFECT for ribbon candy in the sashing.  So I spoke harshly to myself, sat myself down and drew.  Looked at samples online, went through my books.  Drew and drew.  Finally, the loops started working - got the hang of it!  Loaded up the quilt, and stitched away.  I think I've got it!!!

Hopefully you can see some of those loops - they're looking nice and full and even kinda even!  Mostly.  Lots of practice still needed, but I'm a happy camper!

This batting is warm & white, the thread Essential Pro in gold - blended nicely with the sash and POPPED on the beadboard on the border!


  1. Looks great! I have 10 quilts to quilt for the Alzheimer Ward at Riverview Gardens. Wish I had a long arm quilter!!!

    1. Thanks Vi! I am working through a pile of quilts already or I'd offer to help you with those!


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