Expanding my resume

What a day ... worked as usual at my regular, full-time, day job (Manager of IT at a credit union) - meetings,  meetings, meetings, fix a few things, write a bunch of stuff, solve a few things.

Getting to the spot in the farming where my better half could really use another set of hands, and the weather has been not terrible for a few days, so headed out early headed back home to help where I could.

Combine is going strong, have a truck on hand to haul the corn away.  I'm on vbox duty - driving the tractors with a couple of vboxes attached, augering the corn from the vboxes into the truck.  Moving tractor/vbox sets between the truck and the combine.

The truck headed out for the last load of the day, and we headed back to break out another field.  Tractor is parked and I'm riding in the combine, admiring the skill of my very talented better half.  I've heard other farmers call him the best combine operator around.  He'd never say it himself, but he is amazing :)

Finishing up what we can for today, we're deciding the logistics of getting all the vehicles shuttled back.  He asks if I want to drive the combine home or the tractor/vboxes.  Well, I've got to tell you, I'm quite terrified that I'll tip the vboxes.  I'm sure they're very stable, but I haven't seen them perform over lumpy bumpy corn rows and all that good stuff.  Just makes me nervous.  And the man says that the combine is easy as pie to drive.

OK- I'm in.  I get some great instructions on how to make it go, how to make it stop.  Trade seats.  Turn around and head back to the tractor.  Dang - he's right - it's a dream to drive!  Going downhill is startling the first time though - even just a bit, when you're not expecting it (it IS dark).  There is a wee dab of corn from breaking out the field, so I get instructions on how to run the header, and there ya go, I'M PICKING CORN.  Yehaw!

I'm farming tomorrow too, maybe I'll drive the combine again :)

My ride for a wee bit today ... (plus a corn head)

Best husband ever :)