Going ... going ...

Monday just before supper, in the midst of the high winds and rain of the outer reaches of Hurricane Sandy, our power goes out.

We live waaayyyy out in the boonies, on a farm, with the yard/house/barn area surrounded by cedars.  The line of cedars on one side of the property, are directly under the hydro wires.  We've trimmed them and topped them, and knew that soon (this year, after the crops are off), needed to take down the trees that are tangling with the lines.  Well, the corn is still in the field, and the trees tangled with the wires enough to take the hydro out.  Hydro crews can't reconnect us until the trees are trimmed.

Here are the 'before' pictures ...

In progress ...

The dogs are very helpful ... the curly tail monster is Roscoe - the hind end is Cletis

This is from the road looking towards the house

And here's as far as we can get for now - that's Cletis trying to figure out what is happening!

And Wednesday, we get power turned on again! YAY!  It is so wonderful to have lights turn on when you flip the switch!  Amazing how many times I walked into a room, with the flashlight in my hand, and STILL flipped that blasted switch.