Thirty Shuffle

This quilt is based on the 'Turning Twenty' quilt designs ... but they wanted a BIG quilt so I used thirty fat quarters.  Did the block design in EQ7.  This quilt is headed to Germany - landed just a few minutes ago! My daughter is visiting a good friend - the friend's sister is getting married and my daughter is there for a visit and to go to the wedding.  The parents of these 2 delightful young ladies asked if they could commission a quilt for them too.  I had sent a quilt to the friend on the last visit as a hostess 'thank you' gift and they loved it.  They don't see many quilts so it is very treasured.  

Sent the parents some pix of quilts that were quick and easy (short notice!) and got to a colour scheme they liked and got at it.  They liked black/white with a blue zinger.  I had to add in a mini-zinger (yellow) to really punch it up.  There are little 1/4" flanges of yellow and 1/2" strips of yellow in half of the patches of blue.

These quilts are so much fun - for the mom, there are flowers, geometrics, SHOES - for the dad there is a very cute design that looks like a circuit board and a 'light bulb' (great idea!) design - and cats and cats playing music and on and on. 

The pieced backing is a collection of blues (their alternate colour choice) with yellow in the centre ... and some of the blues are also in the wedding quilt for their daughter (42 Mocha Berry Shadows and Thanks for All the Fish).

The quilting design is from Digi-Tech Designs, Patricia Ritter's "Fanfare Grande"

The 'turning twenty' became 'thirty shuffle' as there were 30 FQ's in the top, and I used the shuffle technique on the piles of patches - take the top piece, put it on the bottom; on the next pile, take the top 2 move them to the bottom ...

My friend embroidered the label for me!!

The flight to Germany landed about an hour ago, anxiously awaiting to hear that my middlest (in the last photo, along with helper "Rosco") has been successfully retrieved and on her way.