Moving tribute to a life well lived

This morning was the interment for my brother who passed away last fall (cancer).

He was a farmer, adopted the brand "Steward of the Soil".  Innovative and hard working.  Treasured his family.

Just before the interment ceremony, we were honoured with a tribute from the local antique tractor group - they had an outing planned for the day, and rerouted their 'parade' to pass by the cemetery at just the right time.  The drivers stood behind their wheels, hats on their hearts.  Thank you to all the fellas who did this for us!  (East Kent Vintage Equipment Club:

Another of his fond memories was his candy red Mustang. As it happens, two of our neighbours have a vintage and a new Mustang - they also paraded by for us.  Thanks to Fred, Todd & Kurt!

The much-needed rain held off until we were having brunch.

Posts should have pictures, and I do have some to share!

My most amazing sis-in-law, with Spike
Jen with Tank!

And then, some of my favourite flowers currently in my garden :)
My Rhodo!

Should have kept the label -
not sure now what it is, but I love it!

Beautiful Iris - one of my all-time favs

Another Iris - brick colour!
Original tubers from my husband's grandmother's garden :)


Aren't they sweet!  "Whiskers" tangerine pansies :)


  1. Linda,
    I'm sorry to hear of your brother. The tractors must have been a delightful sight to see!
    I believe your mystery flowers are a red mandeville plant.


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