Casting Shadows

Have been working on the top for a few weeks - it is headed to Germany, with my middlest to a friend as a wedding gift.  There are some fun things I like about this quilt ...
- shadows - light - dark - a metaphor for the ups and downs in our lives, and how the times of shadow make the good times so much better
- there are 42 'shadow' blocks - how perfect is that!  As in, the answer to life, the universe, and everything!  How many Douglas Adams fans out here??? :)
- the 'filmstrip' borders - perfect foils for all the good times to come for the happy couple

Now it has to hang around on the LA for some practice time and some inspiration ...


  1. I have wanted to do this quilt for a while now - hopefully soon! Great job and what a wonderful gift. I hear you about the ups and downs of life - many on this end and I'm sure they're not over yet.


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