Stashbuster update

Progress has been great!

- wide backing for Michelle's quilt - 2.1 yards of wide backing (that must count for more right??)
- the top for Cricket's baby quilt is done - supposed to be a baby quilt size but just wasn't right until it got to be a bit bigger than twin.  Total in this just about 5.7 yards.  I'm keeping track of every slice from the fabric to try to get a close measure.  So ... 7.75 yards out!

Working on a 'casting shadows' quilt that will travel to Germany ... making good progress but I'm thinking I'd better count as 'out' when the quilt is ready to go??

This morning, in my usual mad rush to get myself ready for work (why is it so tough to drag myself out of bed??) , realized that my van needed refueling before I left.  So, refuelled, resigned to being late and resolving to stop this nonsense, had to take a couple of extra moments to soak up the beauty of the sunrise ... and the humungous deer prancing across our field.  It was a moment to refresh and nourish my soul for the day :)