JA presentation

What a fun day - this morning I delivered a presentation for Junior Achievement, at our local elementary school - "Our Canada - Innovation & Technology" for the grade 4's.

I've done lots of teaching and training and presentations - for adults - not kids!  It was terrifying awesome!  They were a great group - tons of questions, answers, curiosity.

One of the fun things - all the student chairs have tennis balls attached for noise dampening.  It's been a while since I've been in an elementary classroom - it was a welcome surprise to see these on all the chairs.  When my youngest was in grade 3 (a few years ago) this was an experiment - to try to help her focus on work rather than being distracted by the scraping from wriggling students.  And - it was a wonderful example of "innovation" - solving a problem - finding a better way to keep the noise level down in the classroom.

Another fun thing that happened - I did tell them that one of my interests is quilting - there was a display up on the wall of line drawings - triangles, wavy lines, crosshatches - all these gorgeous designs that would be perfect quilting designs!  You just never know where you'll find inspiration, eh?