2012 Goals

Should they be resolutions or goals??? No idea - and usually don't make resolutions!  But I need to make some serious changes - get some aspects of my life back under control.

One of the forums I follow (http://mqresource.com/forum) has two challenges I'm participating in.  Like many quilters, I do have a "wee" bit more fabric than I really need ... maybe even a substantial stash.  And I really need to give my knees some relief.  So ... I'm going for a 50-50-50 win.  Reduce my stash by 50 yards (majority of the mqresource players deal in yards so I'll play along with that); lose 50 pounds; in 50 weeks.

The stash reduction is a net - and I can reduce any way I want - donate, give away, make projects, sell.  So I'm keeping track of the cuts as I'm going when I'm doing projects.

Sounds like fun.  And I'm off to a good start.  Lost 1.5 lbs this week.  Working on a quilt for my great-nephew who is scheduled to arrive shortly; quilted my youngest's summer project quilt.  So I get to count the backing and binding for that quilt as they went on in 2012!  Have to tally that all up-guesstimating that to be 8 yards already.


  1. I'm trying to reduce my stash too!!! I'm making quilts for charity and to surprise some family members. I made 5 quilts for my niece and her 4 children (3 of them triplets) and she has no idea I will be sending them to her. All are scrap quilts and I just have to do the quilting on them.
    As for losing weight - good idea but harder said then done!!!

    Good luck with both.


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