Sparkle Dust

Came across this little snippet recently ...

"Every now and again, we meet people who truly sparkle and we wonder what it is that makes them shine. We don’t always know what that very reason is; we only know in our hearts they affect us in a very special way. Perhaps, it’s their mannerisms, and how they treat us with the utmost value and respect that is the reminder of this true gift to have sparkle dust sprinkled on us.

In the process of living their commitment to life and work, people leave with us an amazing gift of believing in us without question. They encourage our spirits and remind us of our value. As we feel the warmth of their smile and see the sparkle in their eyes, we have moments of gratefulness in knowing that we are simply better for having met them."

This is quoting Ms Jerry Bishop, from

This pierced my heart ... I have had the good fortune to have a few people in my life like this - sisters-in-law (two!!), people I've worked with, people I quilt with.  It is amazing - they seem to share a wonderful ability to make you feel very special to them.  

So here is a little shout out to all the sparkle dust spreaders - thank you for who you are!