Fractured Flowers Workshop

Our Guild (Chatham Kent Quilters Guild) has workshops each month, and I finally had a chance (or is that, took the time for "ME" time?) to attend.  This was a one-day workshop, led by Jean Hopkins, called "Fractured Flowers".  The technique is from Brenda Esslinger's "Fabulous Fractures" book.

This one is a table-runner size ... we were to bring fabric with a 24" repeat ... which I thought I had.  When we were having the fabrics cut, we talked about having to get 8 repeats if the repeats were only 12".  But when I opened up my fabric at the workshop, I had only the 4 repeats of my fabric.  Drats!  So rather than spend an hour coming home for my other fabrics and getting back to the workshop, we decided to just use smaller cuts.  Rather than the 3" squares everyone else used, I did mine with 1 1/2" squares.  So it's smaller, but I really like it!

The fractured fabric is the same as the border - those lovely happy pansies :)