WV sightings

Favourite sightings in Western Ohio and West Virginia today ...
- a billboard ... "Sandals .... and socks.  Really!"
- road sign "Forklift crossing"
- road sign "Cattle crossing" - this one right before we just narrowly missed the cattle crossing the roadway - the handlers held the cattle back for us - thanks!
- #250 - twisty, lots of leafy coverage - really nice for some relief from the heat!
- so many interesting barns and silos!
- the occasional antique tractor sitting at the side of the road with a 'for sale' sign hanging on it - and some there just on display :)
- a bright blue brick house - which would make it easy to give directions - how many could there be?
- car full of teens/young adults at DJ's Diner, who had to leave one of their crew in the car to look after the SNAKE they brought along - it had to come out of the car for a brief manhandling (it was huge) before it got handed back into the car ... really, you can't make this up!

And ... my bike has "Reverse" and I know how to use it!