WV - Maryland - V

Rained pretty hard in the morning, so didn't get started until lunchtime.  Target today is #50 ... Hwy #310 to #50 is also awesome!  #50 deserves every green dot on the map!  Todays sightings:
- at breakfast, a teen wearing ... a shower cap!  I swear, that's what it looked like to me - a shower cap hat
- at the top of the mountain, corn fields!  Wouldn't it be fun to take the combine up these roads :)  Lots of 15 to  20 mph corners
- Cool Springs, just before Rowlesburg WV, a fun place to stop for lunch.  Their yard is full of decaying tractors, pumps, steam engines, a water wheel.  The store has a bit of everything - bits and pieces for your woodstove, a bag of cured back bacon, WV t-shirts and shot glasses, stuffed critters, groceries, giant pixie sticks, maple syrup, Cosmo magazine.  And an old-time lunch counter - t-shaped with stools around the outer counter, a few tables in the centre - the staff can get to any of them through the centre aisles.  We had chili soup, very tasty.
- passed by a store called 'Honeymoon Guns', and a gathering ... "Gun Bashing" - don't know what that is, but there were lots there!
- a hornet hitched a ride for a few miles on my mirror - hanging on for dear life - finally found a spot to stop and shoo him off ... really didn't want him to get blown off and into my jacket !
- Found this fixer-upper for dad ... a Caterpiller twenty-two dozer, along with a sleigh and surrey.

And these beautiful butterflies were drying off their wings ...

Managed to stay dry most of the afternoon, right up until we were coming into Winchester to find our hotel for the night.