A wee wet ride

We started the day kinda lazy, the waffle iron at the hotel wouldn't release the waffles so we had bits and pieces of waffles.  Planned a shorter ride - weather predictions mixed, so didn't want to go too far astray.  Headed out of Maggie Valley to NC #215 to Rosman - a backroad twisty ride with possums playing dead here and there (maybe not playing!) and a lot of pavement patching that was not fun.  There was the usual truck advisory - road with switchbacks, 15 mph curves and high elevations - perfect!

Followed a Ferrari for a while!

Next to NC #64 - a wonderful ride!  Lots of new pavement - more truck advisories - but also tons of traffic.  And then the rain fell.  Went right by Bridal Falls and the spot where I tested the bank angle sensor last time we were here.  At Franklin, hit #441 and headed back to the hotel - still raining.

Nice dinner at the nearby Mexican restaurant - they make such lovely margeuritas :)