Drivin' in the rain, just drivin' in the rain

Well, only at the very end of the drive... back over the mountain to Cherokee, north into the Great Smokey Mountain National Park to Clingman's Dome - that last leg is a sweet 7 mile crooked road up to the dome.

Decided to partake of the hike up the pathway to the observation area - half mile.  Also elevation change - up more than 1,000 feet - that is almost a 40% grade.  Have you seen me recently?  Thankfully, there were were resting benches every 10th mile.  Once you're at the top, they have a circular tower to get even higher!

At the top there was a lady wearing a 'Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon' t-shirt - half way down, a fella wearing another 'Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon' shirt - there's no way they were connected.  What are the odds of that!

Spied another turtle in the middle of the road, trying to get across.  Pulled his legs and head in as Don was passing, peeked out and pulled back in when I went by.  Poor thing.

Wildflower beside the path buzzing with bees

View from the top

Observation tower
Drivin' in the rain

Today's route