Dragon Slayed!

Today was a perfect day for slaying dragons :)

Found a new-to-us road to get from Maggie Valley to the Dragon - NC Hwy #28 - another sweet ride!

Lunch at Deal's Gap, up the Dragon! Was very glad that I wasn't hugging the yellow line at the same time as the two bikes coming the other way were riding on my side ...

On to exploring a side road in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park - to Cade's Cove.  There's a scenic loop - single narrow lane, 20 mph limit but "cagers" can only handle about 8 mph, and jump out of their cars at the least provocation.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  The road to the loop was very cool.

Besides lusting for the beautiful Crape Myrtle I've been seeing everywhere ... have also been seeing the 'Royal Empress' tree - look like giant velvetleaf!

Landed in Knoxville tonight - same spot we stayed when we were here for Honda Hoot in 2008.

I want one of these!  Have been seeing them all over - Crape Myrtle.
Wonder if they're hardy  in my zone at home??
Must be - we have all kinds of Carolinian species

Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort!

Potential dragon-slayers building confidence,
or stress-relief after the ride :)

Sign reads:  No Burnouts, Stoppies or Wheelies

Disregarding the warnings about drownings, these
intrepid swimmers are jumping off the rocks into the pool below.