Blue Ridge Parkway - VA & NC

Today was more of mostly the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Roanoke VA to Boone NC.

A side trip at Hwy 52 at Fancy Gap - looking for food/fuel - the road into Hillsville VA is part of Virginia's "Crooked Road Musical Trail"!  Score :)

Lunch was at Brooke's, a little family diner.  Tried the Green Pea salad, hoping it would be a little like the frozen pea salad that my SIL makes, but nope, t'was made with canned peas.  Not such a fan of this recipe.
There were little business-card notices on the tables - prayers before meals encouraged and respected.

Speaking of churches, we really go past a lot - many with non-'traditional' denominations ... I always offer up a little thought of thanks as I whiz by, for my many blessings ... and then I want to string together all the names, kinda like "First Calvary United Methodist Presbyterian St John Episcopal Tent Revival Baptist Mennonite Church of the Apostle of the Redeemer of Christ".

And for dinner, we stumbled upon the most heavenly steak house in Boone, right by the hotel - The Peddlar Steakhouse (  What fun!  They bring the loin of rib-eye to the table for your inspection and cutting instructions.  Yummm.  Accompanied by baked sweet potato.  Dessert of white chocolate coconut creme brule.  Oh my, I'm stuffed!