Twisties - Really - Twisties!

We found them :)  Twisties, up and down mountains, in mountain valleys.

Arrived at Copper Mountain resort for our "Rockies Gold 2010" gathering, this afternoon.  I just haven't been at very many resorts but this place is azaming!  Our 'room' has a full kitchen, dining area, gathering area, fireplace, separate bedroom.  There are tons of restaurants and shops on site, have to go explore those shortly ...

Started from La Junta this morning, through Pueblo then up #9 to Frisco.  Don't know why #9 doesn't have those 'scenic route' green dots - it definitely is a wonderful ride!

Laugh out loud moment - we're driving through Alma, the highest incorporated city in North America - coming through the main street, there's a store name "Al-Mart".  I thought maybe it was a WalMart in a small town version, but nope, it's "Al-Mart" - a nice little everything mom & pop store.

Travelling companions today - drove most of the way with another couple headed for this gathering, the GL1800 people me meet are just so nice and so very interesting!

Temps today started out very nice at 24 C, got back up to 31; but at elevation was back to the low 20's.  On our way back to the resort after giving the bikes a well-deserved bath, it was 10!

The resort is at 9,700 ft elevation - just before you exit the highway, there are signs that you're entering a 'chains required' portion of highway.

Speaking of bathing the bikes, another laugh-out-loud moment - while I was wiping down my bike with a shammy, a double-ended pick pops out onto the floor.  What the heck is that?  Well, turns out that Don was using it to pick out debris from the bolts so he could get a wrench in to remove them, he was using that pick.  He put it down and then couldn't find it - it travelled all this way in the little space between the passenger footboard and the bike body!