Steamboat then Wyoming

Yesterday we had another amazing day in Colorado - from Copper Mountain to Steamboat Springs, on up to Steamboat Lake then back to Copper. Nice sweepers, gorgeous fall colours, horses and more horses.  Over Rabbit Ears Pass and Muddy Pass.
Steamboat Lake
Lunch at Steamboat Lake Outfitters Restaurant at was tasty but s-l-o-w.  Slowed us down enough that we missed the group photo shoot - shoot!
Rockies Gold 2010 (there are three rows of GoldWings!)

The closing banquet was very nice too - and tons of door prizes were donated and handed out.  We now have a fun little LED flashlight to add to our travel bags :)

Sunday morning, we packed up and headed north - target for today was Riverton WY, to get us close to Yellowstone - our planned destination tomorrow.

Gassing up at Yampa, there are a group of sportbikes also arrive.  Chatting with these fellas, one is from Wasaga Beach and now lives half the year in Colorado and the other half in Ontario - he looked under 30, had worked for RIM and is now selling real estate.  Interesting how far you go sometimes to meet 'neighbours'?

We're still over 6,500 ft most of the day, but the front range has morphed into mesa and plateaus, with long, long, LONG stretches of asphalt accompanied by huge gusty crosswinds.  Think there were more wild deer along the way than cattle or horses!
Wyoming - 19 mi from Lamont, 30 mi from Muddy Gap Junction
Finally - laundry day!  This was our first order of business (before supper!) after we checked in to our hotel.