Heading West

This morning we headed for our gathering with the GL1800 forum "Rockies Gold 2010" gathering, just outside of Frisco CO.  We had so much fun playing in Colorado last year, we had to come back!

Sights along the way
- Border crossing fella thought it was awesome we would drive all the way out to Colorado - I wasn't fast enough with a snappy comeback or I woulda said something like "dude, it's all about the journey, not the destination".  But also, sometimes when they ask what weapons you're carrying, it's not in your best interest to show off your rapier wit.
- John Deere picking corn (loading into a grain buggy) - not seed corn, not sweet corn, not silage - grain corn!  Wonder how long it will take my man to hop over the fence and chat up the harversters, to find out how it's going - how dry is it coming off?  What's the yield like?  How early is it really??
- Soy fields with nibbles picked
- Lots more corn fields looking ready to pick than soys!
- Billboard boasting the home town of both James Dean AND Garfield
- Rain, temperature swing from 16 all the way back up to 25 (for my F friends that's like going from 62 to 77).  We had our layers on to keep warm and dry in the rain, and just roasted when it heated up.
- Just missed getting a room at the Best Western - a couple of buses just pulled in and all their people booked up the hotel
- Baked sweet potato side - yummmm
- GREAT Margueritas at dinner :)

Favourite song from today - Jason Mraz, "Lucky" - yes, I am soooo blessed - lucky to be in love with my best friend.


  1. Linda, your border-crossing quip is fantastically quote worthy! In fact, I am going to quote it on my Facebook page right now :)


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