Heading West - Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas

Hit all of these states today! About 475 miles (765 km) in the saddle today ... Terra Haute IN to Topeka KS.

A few highlights of the day:
- small collection of Corvettes, one was the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500 in 1995, all driven by fellas with grey hair - the same fellas driving them in the 70's - just like bikes :)  one of the license plates was "WHOOSH"
- suddenly, a field of goats!
- tons and tons of corn harvested, and some pivot irrigators in both soy and corn fields (in Kansas)
- a trailer with two JD 7700 combines loaded - broken down to the frames so they'd fit on, with their tires tucked here and there
- rows and rows of brand new billboards - with only a small portion having real ads (most are advertising 'your ad here') - not sure if these are just so new they haven't got them all sold, or the economy has pinched this too
- at least four curves in Missouri, and I think 2 hills
- a little more rock & roll in Kansas - some actual rocks, some actual curves
- temps started out nice and cool, brilliant sunshine - up to 31 (88 for my F friends); still 31 at suppertime
- a very patient husband - my 'comfort buffer' around my bike is much larger than his, or apparently, anyone else

Tomorrow - Colorado!

Top song today ... "I can see for miles and miles ..."