Dorothy - we're not in Kansas any more!

Started the day in Topeka KS, finished in La Junta CO - 852 km (about 530 mi).  Started out nice and mild, quickly got hot hot hot - all the way up to 36 degrees for a long time, with a bump up to 37 (that's 100 F folks) while we were in Dodge.

Lots of fun stuff today:
- a lowered 1-ton dually - white, and of course licence plates are optional!
- lots and lots and LOTS of pivot irrigation - corn, soys, hay/alfalfa
- lots and lots and LOTS of corn harvested!!
- fields of Milo - a cousin of corn - I have to learn more about this stuff!  It's harvested for the tassle-type topper.   It's growing in the corners beside fields of pivot-irrigated crop, or on non-irrigated fields - seems to be pretty drought resistant!
- the only harvest operation we see is for the milo - do see a combine that was picking corn, but they're stopped
- stopped briefly at the Prairie Grass Preserve, in their barn, one of the barn cats is lounging beside the water dish, lapping at the edge - too hot to sit up and drink :)
- also saw a cotton picker at a JD dealer!
- downtown Dodge - photos of the long-horn bull, the store fronts laid out as they were in the wild west - with hitches for horses
- spectacular sunset when the sun finally got out of our direct line of sight - we're driving west and of course we're travelling in the evening
- elevation from 800's on the east side of Kansas, rising to 4,000 ft when we're coming into La Junta

Today's song picks
- while we're starting out in Kansas, Eva Cassidy's "Somewhere over the rainbow", and finishing the day with Bob Seger's "Accompany Me"