Biker Fashion Display

Fashion display on the bikes today 
- started out at 10C: sweater, full coat + outer layer, warm gloves;  
- drops to 8C:  change to warmer sweater, add full frogg toggs and add warmer gloves; 
- pops up to 10-11C: drop frogg toggs, change to mid-warmth gloves; 
- sunshine breaks out and warms up to 24 C: lose the jacket outer liner, change to finger gloves; 
- drops back to 18C: put the jacket outer liner back on, back to mid-warm gloves, frogg togg bottoms.  

While we were in having lunch, my better half's bike ended up on its side :(  Rather looks like someone either tried to sit on it and pulled up the kickstand, or someone bumped into it (although they would have had to really really try) and tipped it over.  Luckily, he's familiar with the lift and it was back upright in good order.  Have to have a better inspection after it gets a good bath.

All in, blasting 875 km on I90 across Wyoming and South Dakota, landing in Mitchell SD, home of the "Corn Palace" (  - awesome displays!

Apparently we missed the hail - small pellet-sized here at Mitchell, baseball sized farther south.