Beartooth Pass

Still on our way home - today, Cody - hwy 296 - hwy 216 (Beartooth Pass) - Red Lodge - hwy 308 - Belfry - hwy 310 - Deaver - hwy 14A - Bighorn basin & summit - Sheridan. Wow - what a day - glorious weather, great roads!

We did lots of changes of layers today to deal with the temperature changes - from 4 C (without the windchill - this is what the bike thermometer read) at Beartooth Pass summit to 26 C at lower elevations, back down to 8 C at the top of Bighorn.

Fun sign seen at the "Top of the World" store: Wyoming PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals.  Also sighted here, snow plow ready to go, and a huuuuuuge snow blower, equipped with chains.
A bit of construction on the Beartooth Pass highway,
but it's a short section and we didn't have any delay.
We did like the sign!  The rest of the road was
freshly touched up and in awesome condition!  An amazing ride!

Hairpins along Beartooth Pass

Experimenting with snapping photos on the go - this is Bighorn Basin,
Don in front and the road just travelled in the mirror!
Sorry about all the bugs we've been collecting along the way on the windshield!

Bighorn Basin Summit - 9,430 ft
And we found a lovely little quilt shop just outside of
Red Lodge, Montana - Washoe Quilt Shoppe
Found a few things that had to follow me home :)
We had lunch in Red Lodge Montana, at a little cafe.  I like their method for discouraging bouncing cheques - they post a list of cheques they will no longer accept on their whiteboard.  Actually, it amazes me that so many use cheques as a merchant payments!

The proprietors are Marilyn Monroe and Elvis impersonators - not in costume today while cooking/serving but there were lots of photos of them on the walls.  And, the fella is getting ready to make a run for the Presidency.  He was chatting up all the customers about why he thought he needs to serve his country as President!

Wouldn't that be interesting - President Elvis!  Yup, that sure would be all shook up!