3rd Time's a Charm

Wohoo - we made it!  We tried in 2007 and 2009, and today, we successfully arrived at Yellowstone National Park.  Saw Old Faithful and everything!

Previous attempts were thwarted by foul weather and time limitations, but everything worked this time :)

Driving through Wyoming (mostly sideways, from the gusty winds) we were amazed by the stark beauty - miles and miles of wide open high desert.  Coming closer to the Grand Tetons, you get glimpses of the absolute grandeur and then, there they are!
Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Wings with the Tetons

Old Faithful
We ended up in Cody WY for the night.  Upon recommendations from the hotel staff, we had dinner at "The Irma", Buffalo Bill Cody's hotel/bar/restaurant.  It has many of its structural features from the original building, including a fabulous cherry bar.  The host and staff were in cowboy/cowgirl gear, including hats, belt buckles, boots, handlebar mustaches and sidearms.  Great fun!