Tame the Wild Things

This fun thing went together very smoothly! This quilt had its start in my planning, almost a year ago, when my friend and co-worker moved into her first house. Well, life happens and I didn't get at it, had trouble picturing what to do. Knew she likes animal themes and loves giraffes ... started picking up animal prints. FINALLY getting myself together again, pulled fabrics and got at it, and - Here it is ...

The 'diamonds' are made with the 'tube strip' technique - easy, fast, wonderful fun!

Here's a little close look at our friendly giant and the diamonds ...

Did my thing with machine embroidery stitches as the 'quilting', I'm really liking that! Around each of the diamonds, and the giraffe, did an outline with the machine blanket stitch. Used brown variegated thread for the quilting.

And for the back, flannel animal skin print and a very zingy giraffe cotton print.

Used Sharon Schamber school glue method for binding, loved it loved it! Especially not using pins, that always leaves me with lots of wounds.

Washed, delivered and in its new home :)