Just isn't working

For my latest quilt, for my middlest, I have been trying to use a different type of batting - it's a pristine wool batting with a fairly high loft. It is a gorgeous batt, processed without harsh chemicals that is what so many people are actually allergic to. It has not been working!

I spray basted, which is what I usually do for the warm & natural batts. Seemed ok but when I sewed it together, the stitches went from normal to itty bitty and the sandwich just smooshes everywhere, the seam lines don't match, puckers & pleats, oh my what a mess.

Added hand basting to try to keep it from moving, not very much improvement at all. Added pin basting, still smooshing!

Consulted with my middlest, and have now taken the whole thing apart. Pulled all the batting that was still stuck to the top and bottom; washed, dried and pressed the top & back. Now I'm ready to start again with nice fresh, crips pieces (a little scraggly from the wash but oh well)!

The wool batting stayed pretty much intact, so will still try to use it - maybe quilt-as-you go??

Of course there's not very much wiggle room now - had trimmed the batt/backing so it wasn't sloppy.

Am hoping to quilt all day!