Summer 2009 tour finale - 530 km + 640 km

Thursday was a rest day, enjoying the beautiful La Crosse Wisconsin. Friday, rain rain and more rain - only the last hour was dry, still, 530 km, into Joliette Illinois. Saturday, zoomed home - dodged raindrops and raced rain clouds but stayed dry! 640 km all interstate, crossed the border by six. Home for dinner at Yeck's Smokehouse with middlest :)

Now to sort mail, do laundry, get stuff sorted out!

Favorites from this tour:
- best road - hwy 550, Montrose to Durango - don't need no stinkin' guardrails!
- best room - Lusk Pioneer Inn Best Western (Wyoming) - wee little town, nice room, awesome breakfast, BIKE WASH
- best job I never want - grading the road into Cripple Creek
- best tour - Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings - awesome, spooky, humbling
- best peak/pass - Pike's Peak - glad we didn't do this one the first of the trip, would have had definite issues with elevation sickness - spending time at elevation before going so high, a very good idea!
- best find at the side of the road, at one of the scenic pull-outs - a nice shiny bolt off a harley :)
- best song - Jason Mraz - "Lucky" - just how I feel - especially lucky in love - today is our 28th wedding anniversary, he's my best friend ...