Summer 2009 tour - day 4 - 450 km

What a glorious day :)

Wonderful weather - great company - great roads - breathtaking scenery.
We toured the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge - and found some nice twisty and scenic roads. Up to 9,435 ft elevation, most of the day over 8,000 ft.
Had lunch in a little town on the way - "The Whistle Stop". Apparently so named as the proprietor whistles all the time :) There was a large old map on the wall showing North America, with the states and when they were acquired. The guy asked if we knew anything about maps - it says its from the late 1800's but he doesn't know how to authenticate it. Then he goes on to tell us how it's actually owned by the lady he bought the restaurant from, who happens to still owe him $12,000. Why do people tell complete strangers stuff like this??

Getting ready for the day

This last one is the "Bishop Castle" - this guy, Jim Bishop, making a whole bunch of political statements, including he'll do whatever he darn well pleases with his land, no one needs drivers licenses, etc. It's a very interesting structure. He was there, working on the moat when someone asked him a political question (we didn't hear that part) and he went on a huge rant about Obama. After the rant, he laughed and commented he'd have said the same about McCain.


  1. Thanks for sharing - looks beautiful and sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy Lori


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