Summer 2009 tour - day 3 - 650 km

Kearney NE to Castle Rock Colorado. Crossed from Nebraska to Colorado noon-ish. One long climb all day from 2,200 ft altitude in Kearney to 6,200 in Castle Rock.

Lots more flat landscape in Nebraska with more huge cornfields. Nice to see some Pioneer signs, even the same varieties we grow, but under irrigation. A few fields were hard to tell whether the crop was corn that had been hailed out, or not irrigated or some offshoot corn variety? Sad looking crop. A few huge feedlots.

Have been trying out a beaded seat cover - thumbs up for me! Allows a bit of breeze to keep the touchie cooler, and keeps the sun from getting the seat blistering hot while you're at lunch. Now to figure out how to size it into two, or at least cut it down so it doesn't need to be tied down on the passenger seat.

Met up with a fellow GoldWinger ('04 titanium?) who was on his way east after travelling some of the twisties in Colorado and Utah.

Hot hot hot - hit 37 degrees. Storms building up around us, got the start of a windy sandstorm getting fuel at Wiggins, Co; lots of gusts and a few raindrops but managed to stay dry (well, except for sweating buckets). Getting closer to Denver, huge ginormous black clouds with long tendrils hanging down obscured the mountains. Radio reported severe thunderstorm/hail warning for the area.

Tuckered out, headed for hotel at Castle Rock, just south of Denver. Was still very threatening weather, very very gusty. Really nice toll bypass getting around Denver - cashless, we'll see if they bill out of country plates :)

Hotel is right next to "Bubbles" - a huge liquor warehouse. Canadian whiskey for really great prices, of course. Dinner a a nice local grillhouse with margarita specials - how can a person go wrong?!

Going over the travel info - heading for Cortez, Mesa Verde National Park.

Acclimatizing to higher altitudes tonight. Drinking lots of fluids, as recommended to prevent altitude sickness ;)