Summer 2009 tour - day 15 & 16 (586 km)

Saturday was cold and rainy, opted for a rest day! Sunday still cool but the sun was shining, so we're back on the road. 15 C most of the day, warmed up late afternoon, getting all the way up to 21 C. Managed to avoid raindrops :)

These are wild horses and burrows - they round them up in Rock Springs to survey herd health, and some are adopted.
Travelling through Wyoming - descending slowly - down to 5,100 ft tonight. Miles and miles of high desert/prairie, mesas, buttes, hoodoos. Gigantic ranches - lots of cattle grazing, sharing the grasses with antelope.

This is a Overland Trail Stage Station at Point of Rocks, Wyoming. Apparently there were stations like this every 10 - 14 miles on the overland trail.
Road construction warning signs in Wyoming - "Pay Attention or Pay the Price".
Driving beside a train filled with coal, the engineer toots as we pass - there's not much other traffic, and he's not coming up to a crossing, pretty sure he's being friendly - we both wave :)

Tonight's abode is another Best Western ... in the room there's a photo of the same facility from the 60's! Upon arrival, we get microfiber towels for the bike wash and bottles of cold water. Definitely biker friendly! There's a line up for the bike wash ...