Summer 2009 tour - day 13 - 271 km

Mount Evans today - the park entry is 14 miles from the highway, the peak another 14 miles up. Nice pavement all the way, at the very top a whole bunch of extreme hairpin turns. Arrived at the top without overheating the bike :)

All the metal stuff at the structure at the top, is grounded - even the handrails, grounded individually.

Most of the day over 8000 ft elevation. Hwy 119 then 72 (Peak to Peak Hwy) north to Estes Park, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park - a glorious road of sweepers. Going through Nevadaville - get to go over speed bumps on the highway to make sure you're going slow enough!

More signs for 'climb to safety in flash floods' ... those mountain babbling brooks must get really mean!