Summer 2009 tour - day 11 - 225 km

This area gives a whole new perspective on 'high plains drifter' ... going from Buena Vista this morning to Manitou Springs, we crossed many miles of high plains desert (over 8,000 ft) - dry, dry, dry. Very little habitation, a few ranches. One herd of bison, some cattle herds (they still had their horns). Mostly dried grasses and sagebrush, with some timber on the higher hills.

23 C most of the ride, big blue sky with fluffy clouds. My oh my, what a nice place to play :)

Little jaunt into Cripple Creek (over 10,000 ft again on the way in) - there are lots of casinos so the road is in pretty good shape - lots of buses transporting people in, trucks carrying supplies (Brinks, UPS, Coors). Lunch at "Parrot Dice Grill" - choice of burgers (regular beef, bison or vegetarian) or pizza; all the shops in that stretch open into a casino.

Have had a couple of burgers on this trip with pineapple rings - yumm!

More chip/seal for a stretch - grrr - now I have a broken lens on one of my fog lights.

Dinner at "Mo's Diner" - they only serve burgers and beer after 2 pm. Sixties style diner; the chef had a Harley bandana, long scruffy hair in a ponytail; poker party going on in the back. Good grub!

Hotel for the night has a bowl of fresh lemonade in the lobby, made with the local spring water. Apparently Manitou Springs is famous for its spring water - filtering through the mountains, bubbling through limestone, claims to have healing powers. Makes tasty lemonade!