Day 18 - 591 km (12 hrs)

Mt Rushmore National Monument, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer National Park, Badlands National Park, Buffalo National Grasslands, back to Badlands National Park, downtown Wall, then 3 hrs on I-90.

Lots of wildlife sightings - bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, and more fields of prairie dogs.

New ritual when mounting bike ... check for bees!
Construction on roadway means you have to slow down - 65 does it!

Going through the Badlands scenic loop, a nasty storm is forming easterly, our destination for the night. But the loop takes us back west for a bit, and we manage to stay dry ... there was an awesome light show on the way to Chamberlain but stayed just sheet lightening. Lots of evidence of the storm that had passed a couple of hours previously.

Wall is a really interesting place - based on a family that settled here early in the century, set up a pharmacy, and in a bold marketing move to draw people to their location, advertised free ice water ... and it worked! Today there's an old-time broadwalk of shops all interconnected. Local fun stuff - 'jacalopes' and 'jacaphesants' ...