Florida, Georgia, North Carolina

Have just returned from a fabulous two weeks touring the coast of Florida, the Florida Keys, back up through Georgia and North Carolina.

I was reallly spoiled on this trip - three stops at quilt shops! The first was in Key West - "The Seam Shoppe" (http://www.tropicalfabricsonline.com/home.php). They specialize in tropical fabrics, of course! A charming little shop with gorgeous batiks as well as the tropicals.

Next was "My Quilt Shoppe" in Hendersonville NC (http://www.myquiltshoppe.com/). Turns out we have actually stopped in here on a previous visit - still charming :) They have a nice hubby area with big rockers and auto magazines.

In the parking lot, a fella stopped who recommended we be sure to stop in at Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia (http://www.maryjos.com/) - a huge shop. I really liked how they display their fabric - the bolts stand up as usual, but they've splayed out a length so you can feel and handle the fabric without disturbing the bolts - worked well! Here, I found a supply of the "Hungry Caterpillar" yardage I've been looking for! It is so cute!

We had wonderful warm weather and sunshine (seemed to be the only warm sunny spot on the east coast!) and hopefully have dragged spring northward :)

Turned over 100,000 km on the '03 Wing - we bought it in 2004 with just over 16,000 km ... it's been to both coasts. Last summer I took over the Wing as Don got his new one. The GPS co-ordinates pinpoint where we were :)

Energized, rejuvenated, ready to get back into work, farming, gardening, landscaping ... and quilting of course!