Finished and ready to go!

I've been working on a quilt for my nephew and his bride for a bit ... now it is finished, washed and ready to go.
The pattern is 'Woven Twist', inspired by Mary Ann Beattie. I started the project in the summer of 2006, got a wonderful start and got bogged down with life and stuff. Had a wonderful jump-start back into actually sitting at the machine this summer. Finished some other projects and this one called me again :) I had the top finished and the back started so was almost done already.

I liked this pattern as a wedding celebration quilt, with its imagry of the twists life will bring, the intertwining of our lives, and how something that looks complex can be conquered when you break it down into smaller bits.

The back:

The little stars are from left-overs of the squares on the front, with a border matching one of the colours in the half-square triangles. I had fun setting up the colours so the diagonals go both directions.

One of my newest discoveries - a tip from Fons & Porter - one of the yellow squares on the back is a label PLUS behind the label is a square of each of the fabrics in the quilt. Should the recipients need to do repairs, there is a supply of fabric right there in the quilt :) And it will be washed right along with the quilt so should be in similar condition. I loved this tip!

I also write a 'Story of Your Quilt' for the quilts I give away - this one with photos of the quilt under construction and finished. Why I chose the design and colours, how to care for the quilt. And I also ask for a photo of the quilt in its new home :)



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