Stitch Map

One of my take-aways from last weekend's shop hop, was a tip from Heather Bell (her shop is in West Lorne) ... she asked if I had done a stich map of my sewing machine. I had not!

I've had my lovely Janome for about six years now, and have the nice diagrams that show what the fancy stitches will look like. But I had never done what she showed me ... I put together a couple of swatches of fabric (with batting) - a mini-quilt, and did a sample of each and every stitch on that swatch.

For fun, I used variegated thread. It makes a really pretty sampler, and now I know exactly what each of the stitches looks like. Which is really very different from the diagrams. I had no idea how different! So now I have a whole lot of new stitches to use for my embellishments :)

Thanks Heather!