Shop-Hopping Results

It turned out to be a mixed day for weather - cold, rain, sleet, lots of huge angry clouds, and some sunshine peeking through now and then! Sorta like a November day :)

My favorite mom-in-law agreed to come along for the day, and we had a lot of fun! We started in Ridgetown's Sitting Pretty shop, had a really nice visit with Jim and Chris. Had taken in my 2 new 'geometric' quilts to show them - they hadn't yet seen any of my work so might have been thinking I only collect fabric ... and they offered to display one of the quilts.

On to Marlene's Pastime Pieces ... I've known Marlene since high school, but this was my first visit to her home. She has a huge assortment of projects she's done and kits she's put together so you can do those projects, as well as fabric by the bolt. In her usual meticulous way, the projects are all fabulous and her displays were gorgeous.

Next stop, after some fortification at Tim Horton's, was Shirley Mills' shop. Also my first time visiting. What a collection she has! We were fortunate enough to find a few minutes of quiet at the shop so were able to view the quilts in her studio. Sleeting as we left!

Onward ho again, to Dresden another Tim Horton's break, and then Verna's shop. Great collection of fabric selections, and the shop is connected with a gorgeous gift shop with lots of tole painting goodies. The sunshine broke free as we headed out.

Just outside of Dresden is a lovely little town - Wabash - had to stop in for some fresh strawberries! Yes, strawberries in November - fresh - grown right there!

And Park's Blueberries for some fresh pie and frozen berries for my oatmeal.

Finally on to West Lorne to Heather Bell's studio - by then the sun was blazing, just lighting up her shop beautifully. Got to see the QBot in action - lots of drooling going on but will have to save for quite a while before I get to the point to afford a system.

Finished the day with a really nice dinner at Yeck's with hubby and mom-in-law.

What a great day!