Hallowe'en puns

I love puns! Last year I found a number of ideas for punny Hallowe'en costumes, and went searching again for this year's ideas.

I ended up using the "MasterCard" costume - particularly appropriate given that it's one of the credit union services/products!

My other favorites - 'Spice Rack' and 'Nudist on Strike - wear your usual clothes!'. Here's my collection ...

- Devil in a blue dress: blue dress, devil ears/pitchfork
- melted snowman - carrots, scarf, sticks, drench in water
- partly cloudy with chance of rain - cotton balls, water gun
- shot in the dark - black costume, shot glass around neck
- CD burner - cd/dvd strung as necklace and lighter
- baby sitter - strap a doll to your backside
- stoned - glue rocks to a sweat suit
- johnny on the spot - wear "Johnny" name tag, carry a circle big enough to stand on - throw it on the floor and stand on it
- aircraft carrier - carry small toy airplanes
- hole in one - large "1" on chest, with a hole in the middle of the "1"
- kangaroo - tape a brown paper bag to stomach
- goldfinger - paint one finger gold
- condom dispenser - coin slot, condoms, spicy photos
- ze-bra - wear a bra outside clothes, attach a 'z' to it
- pin-up girl - pin safety pins onto solid-coloured t-shirt to form a large arrow pointing up
- web pages - attach pages onto black sweatsuit, add spider webbing
- dog catcher - carry a stuffed dog, toss it and catch it
- pop quiz - draw a large question mark on shirt with popcorn glued all around edges
- fridge magnet - paint a shoe box black & attach it to your back
- someone you can count on - wear all black, cut out big, bright numbers & attach them to your clothes
- magic 8 ball - wear all black, cut out large 8 tape it to your back - answer "reply hazy, try again" or "cannot preduct now" - tell them to shake you & ask you a question
- freudian slip: wear a slip and name tag "Freud"
- autograph book - wear white pants & shirt - carry a Sharpy pen and have people sign you
- MasterCard ad - attach signs that say "Shirt $30", "Jeans $50", "Shoes $70" , "Halloween costume that took minimal effort: Priceless"
- Pink Floyd - weark pink with name tag that says "Floyd"
- self-absorbed - sponges all over body
- dragnet - dress normally, carry (and drag) a fishing net
- Peter Pan Great idea for husband who does not want to wear a costume. Attach a pan to the front of his belt.
- behind the times - wear clocks on your back
- happy ending - print out titles of movies (or books) and attach them to a t-shirt. Attach a large smiley face on your back
- spice rack - wear extra-large bra over your clothes, stuff it with jars of spices
- dry clearning - wear a suit, wear a clear plastic bag over suit, stick a hanger inside the bag behind your head
- nickleback - attach a nickel to your back
- devil's advocate - wear buttons/signs saying "The Devil is #1", "Vote for Satan"
- pumpkin pie - wear orange, or cut out a pumpkin shape - write the number "pi" (3.1415926)
- past your prime - put sign that says "Sell by Aug 15 2008"
- I Yam what i Yam - attach two yams on a string & wear them around your neck
- "done" - put a piece of styrofoam beneath old t-shirt - stick a fork into the styrofoam through the shirt