Favorite Reads

What are your favorite magazines? We get a variety, most by subscription and some as we pick up. There are two that I read cover-to-cover, multiple times, and organize into their own libraries :)

Quilters Newsletter Magazine ... I've been subscribing to this wonderful publication for years, and it has never disappointed. Projects vary in difficulty and style, and are fresh. New techniques to challenge and tempt. Columnists with heart and humour (Hellen Kelly, I miss you!) Great directions with patterns, often presented with different colourways.


RoadRunner Motorcycle & Travel Magazine ... We spotted one of their issues at our local dealer's shop, were impressed and have loved every issue. Their philosophy is not about the bikes - it's about the ride - so there aren't the brand wars you might see in other publications.

RoadRunner introduced us to 'Shamrock Tours' - travelling to a destination and taking day-trips around that spot. I really like these trips - I don't have to fuss about where I'm going to lay my head that night or whether we'll be able to get a late dinner when we finally call it a day :)

RoadRunner touring articles have great photos, and reviews of the bikes they rode, the coats/pants/gloves/boots/helmets or whatever else they were testing. Their tours are what we like to do - discover the local lore, find twisty roads with good pavement.


... and nope, I have no affiliation with either, just love their work.