Let's get started!

Here I am at my kitchen table, enjoying the display of fall colour. Canada has just re-elected Stephen Harper and the US is going to have a new President shortly. The economy is in the tank. But life is good!

Yesterday I visited two quilt shows, so am overflowing with new ideas and inspiration!

The Quilts of East Africa show was hosted by Cotton-by-Post in Ailsa Craig. Simply amazing and inspiring. Rich, vibrant fabrics. Awesome embellishment. Beautiful batiks.

The London Friendship Quilter's Guild hosted a show by their members. There were quilts inspired by John Willard's classes, and a number of quilts inspired by other workshops.

I had attended John's workshop at the Thames Institute of the Arts this summer so was really delighted to see his inspirations expressed by so many quilters.

As it turns out, it would have been a good day to ride, but it was cloudy and threatening all day. Yes, I'm a wuss sometimes. The opportunities for a ride are fading.

My middlest is home for the weekend, she's such a joy. We get to laugh together watching "Big Bang Theory" and Eddie Izzard videos.

Today's project is finishing up the backing for my geometric quilt!