Basking on and on ...

This has been a glorious fall - today's forecast was so promising I headed out for the day on the bike and am sooo glad - it was a gorgeous fall day. Clear crisp sky, warm(ish) breeze (well, ok it was kinda windy, truth be told) and sunshine smiling down on us all day long.

Sunrise in the morning on the way to work, fabulous. Lunchtime outing warm and wonderful. Sunset on the way home after supper was another gorgeous display of splendour - inspirational!

Did have a close call though - gosh we Goldwings are so hard to see ... a car decided he should be in the same lane same spot I was. I just popped away from them and kept on going - not worth doing any road rage thing, have never seen it help anyone. The driver did spot me when they were halfway into my lane and startled. And yes, I was in a good position - not in their blind spot ... or what would be a blind spot to someone paying attention. They just didn't even look.

Safe and sound, happy to celebrate another fine ride on a fine day.