Longarm Quilting Pricing -- old

Longarm Quilting Pricing Information
Autumn 2017
  • Maximum width my longarm quilting frame can accommodate:  108” (274 cm) - note: this is the maximum size of the backing!
  • The pricing for each quilt will be determined by the size of the quilt and the complexity of the quilting. 
  • Rates are per square inch.   To determine square inches, measure the length and width of your quilt top, then multiply these numbers.  For example, in a quilt that is 60” x 80”, there are 4,800 square inches.
  • There is a $50 minimum charge to load any quilt/project, regardless of size.
  • Each quilting engagement will include a quote, where we discuss and agree on the quilting plan to be completed.  These are general guidelines.  The chart below is an example of how a 60” x 80” quilting plan would be priced.
Quilting type – description - may include:
/ sq in

60” x 80” (4,800 sq”)
Edge to edge basic design
  • Light density quilting design
  • One design over the entire quilt
  • No separate border quilting design
  • One thread colour
$ 0.025
Border to border + one separate border design

  • Light density quilting design
  • One design over the entire body of the quilt
  • Separate design for one border
  • One thread colour
Light Custom
  • Light to medium density quilting design
  • Individual blocks in quilt may have one or two separate designs
  • May have borders and/or block seams stitched in the ditch
  • May turn the quilt to complete border quilting
  • One or two thread colours
  • Two or more borders receiving unique designs 
  • Elements receiving unique designs (different blocks, applique, sashing, cornerstones)
  • Various background treatments to emphasize and complement the quilt design
  • Multiple thread colours
and up
and up
  • I will prepare your quilt for you to quilt it!  
  • Large stitches (1 or 2 per inch)
  • Thread - regular thread, or ask me about water soluble
* based on 60” x 80” (4,800 sq”) quilt size

Other services – description
Rate / inch perimeter

60” x 80” (280” perimeter)
Binding – partial:  You provide prepared binding, I machine stitch to front only, you finish the back.  Quilt is trimmed ¼” outside the edge.
Binding – partial plus prep - you provide the fabric, I make the binding, machine stitch to front, you finish the back. Quilt is trimmed ¼” outside the edge.
Full binding – You provide the fabric, I make the binding, machine stitch to the front and hand stitch to the back. 
‡ I hand stitch very slowly and detest this task. 
Bury threads (starting / stopping quilting threads)

** based on 60” x 80” (280” perimeter)  quilt size

  • Your quilt is returned to you untrimmed, unless you request trimming.  Trimming is an additional charge ($30).
  • Generally, I will match the top thread colour to the bobbin thread colour.
  • During intake, I will ask you the story of your quilt … knowing why you’ve made this quilt, how it will be used, who it is for.  Knowing your quilt story may help making decisions about the quilting plan.
  • I will also ask if you are comfortable with me posting photos of your quilt on my social media feeds.
  • If your quilt is entered into any show or competition, please credit me as the longarm quilter.  You can use #quiltingbiker on Instagram or Facebook @QuiltingBiker to credit my work on social media.

Prices are subject to change without notice.